Prices are current as of Monday, Feb. 17, 2015.

(Update: I have made new D3.js maps of the world. You can see them at

Drivers pay more for gas in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, we're paying more to fill our car fuel tanks than the rest of America.

While Americans pay $2.252 on average for a gallon of regular fuel, Pennsylvanians pay $2.379. In my neck of Penn's Woods, it's $2.40.

When I see that orange warning light on my dashboard, it means my car is running on an empty stomach. (Wouldn't want it to starve, would I?)

My car's craving for 14 gallons of fuel. Filling it up would cost me $33.60. That's $2.07 more than what the average American would be spending.

I'm not complaining though. Things can always be worse. Like on July 16, 2008, when gas cost $4.074 per gallon in Pennsylvania. Those 14 gallons would have cost me $57.04!

Redesigning my D3.js map

My previous gas maps were horizontal. Now I'm making a vertical map in D3.js, since Columbia and Montour counties have vertical shapes. Please excuse its funky appearance while I work out some kinks.