Yesterday, I wrote a tutorial on extracting data off websites with OutWit Hub. I said sports fans should be able to save their favorite team’s scores in an easy-to-edit format like HTML or a CSV file.

Let’s test this out! We’ll extract the year-by-year results for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1883-2014:



More than a century’s worth of results! Fortunately, the Phillies have conveniently stored their scores in an HTML <table>.  In OutWit, click “tables”:



Press ctrl-a to select all the scores. Click “catch” to hold the Phillies’ entire history in your mitten:



Let’s clean up our data. Click the icon that looks like a mini-spreadsheet, then uncheck any useless info that has nothing to do with baseball:




We’re in the final inning! Click “export,” choose a file type and save 131 years’ worth of Phillies Phactoids:



You can download the aforementioned Phillies scores as csv, HTML and JSON files.

Note to all sports fans

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Me? I grew up in the Bronx and in Queens near Shea Stadium, but I’ve never been a fan of the Yankees, the Mets or any sports teams.