Hey guys, I just launched a YouTube food channel, PangOfHunger. You can follow my quest to satisfy my never-ending hunger as I eat and cook copious amounts of food!


Ramen Galore

Here’s PangOfHunger’s first video ever, “Asian man eats Japanese ramen in New York City.” Just me slurping on a big bowl of ramen at Kambi Ramen House.

I ordered the Tokyo tsuke-men. It had spicy miso, kimchi, corn, bamboo shoots, a hard-boiled egg and pork. It was so good, I ordered extra noodles. Normally, I like to drink a bottle of warm sake with my ramen, but I was too full.

Kambi brags about serving the best ramen in New York. I’d have to agree. If you can suggest a better ramen restaurant, please let me know in the comments below!


Story of Sushi Sundays

Here’s my second video, “Asian man eats sushi on Sundays.” It documents my habit of eating sushi dinner on Sundays. Can you guess why I have this weekend routine?

On Sundays, I train about 3 hours total at Shudokan Dojo in the Japanese martial arts of kendo and iaido. I’d wake up around 5:30 a.m., then drive an hour and 10 minutes to Stroudsburg, PA.

We’d train from 7:30 to 9:15 a.m. After a quick nap, we resume training from noon to about 1:30 p.m. As a night owl, I normally get only 2-3 hours of sleep before class.

Once I get home, I’m totally exhausted. So I eat a big sushi dinner to reward myself, and to improve my sword skills!

I have a financial reason for Sushi Sundays, too. Oliran Hibachi Steakhouse offers half-price sushi and sashimi on Sundays. I can’t say no to that!

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