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Baked kale chips in fifteen minutes

Baked kale chips are tasty and healthy. For $3, you can make enough for four people.

Add salt, black pepper and olive oil, then bake for 15–25 minutes. The longer you bake them, the crispier they get.

You can get creative with this simple dish. Sometimes my sister adds honey and crushed red peppers. Sometimes I add curry powder.

The original recipe is from, an excellent website for Paleo food recipes. My sister shared it with me during my Whole30 food experiment.

Ingredients for baking kale  Ingredients for baking kale


  • 16 oz. Bag of kale
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Olive oil



Baked Kale Chips: The Basics

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spread kale on baking tray.



Drizzle olive oil on kale.




Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.



Bake for 15 minutes. Add 10 minutes for crispier kale. And it’s ready!

Want to get creative? Try this sweet-and-spicy version …




Baked Kale Chips: Sweet and Spicy

Add honey and crushed red peppers to your baked kale. You can also add the red peppers before putting the kale in the oven.



Your kale now has a kick to it!

Grocery Receipt

Ingredients cost $2.99 for the basic version. The sweet-and-spicy variation costs $6.98. Here’s a breakdown of my shopping bill:

  • Kale, produced by Glory Foods; $2.99
  • Honey, Weis Markets: $2.99 on sale (was $3.69)
  • Crushed red peppers, Big Lots closeout store: $1

Kitchen Tips

  • When you’re on a tight budget, skip the brand-name spices. I paid $1 for a generic 2.6 oz. shaker of crushed red peppers.  A similar shaker from McCormick costs $4.
  • Garlic lovers can add a few cloves and bake them for 10–15 minutes. The garlic will become soft and fragrant.


Optional Ingredients

Want extra flavors? Try adding one of these seasonings:

  • Ground cumin
  • Chinese five spice
  • Curry powder
  • Cajun seasoning
  • Your favorite spice


  1. Is the 15-minute version not crispy? Is this more of a snack or a side? Is this replicable with other hearty greens such as collards or turnip greens? Is there a more Chinese version?

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