This Saturday, we’ll go to an international food fair in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. I’m hankering for a bowl of street ramen with a mug of craft beer. Here’s a sneak peek at the  Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.

Eating Contests

The cuisines runs the gamut from Spanish, Polish and Italian to Japanese and Thai. There’ll be more than 40 eateries, a “food truck park” and two stages for live music.

There will be eating contests, too. You won’t catch me gulping 50 hog dogs, but I can try 50 pieces of sushi or sashimi.

The festival runs Saturday through Sunday, each day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It runs along Ninth Avenue from 42nd to 57th streets, Manhattan.

Crepes and Crawfish

I looked at a list of food from last year’s festival. Ten items caught my eyes.

  • Italian bracciole
  • Gaelic burgers
  • Colombian rotisserie
  • Spanish paella
  • French crepes
  • Indonesian food
  • Louisiana crawfish bake
  • “Bacon infused foods”
  • Thai-French fusion
  • “Viagra Empanadas and Sangria”

Beers and German Sausages

As a Pennsylvanian, I noticed Polish pierogies and Amish baked goods on last year’s list.

Vendors sold crafts beers and German sausages, too. No sauerkraut seller, though. Still, this could have turned into an early Oktoberfest.

Anyway, we plan to try new cuisines and take many pictures. Here’s the official website for the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.

Weather Forecast

Saturday is supposed to be rainy, but bad weather means nothing to dedicated foodies.

We were visiting New York City in January when NYC got slammed with the second biggest blizzard in its history. With 26.8 inches of snow, authorities shut down the subway system and banned most vehicles from the road.

We wanted dim sum for breakfast. The closest restaurant was nearly a mile away. So, we trekked through waist-high snow to get there. Boy, did that shumai taste delicious!