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Bloomsburg Fair 2015: Eat on Demand!

My Facebook friends named their favorite food at Bloomsburg Fair 2015. On the last night, I tried to eat everything on their top-10 list!

Fairgoers can be fanatic about their favorite food vendors. They’ll argue until they’re red in the face about who sells the best sticky buns. You’d think they were debating gay marriage or the Syrian war. To me, a sticky bun is just a stupid sticky bun. Now let me tell you about the best peach dumpling you’ll ever have at the fair. But first …

Saucy Piggy sandwich at Bloomsburg Fair 2015

‘Saucy Piggy’

My first stop was new vendor Saucy Sam. Pete suggested getting their “Saucy Piggy,” a $7 sandwich.

Saucy Piggy contained slow-roasted, applewood-smoked pork. It was served on a pretzel roll with honey barbecue sauce, broccoli slaw and pickle slices.

The meat was tender, but the sauce was too sweet. I spent an additional $1 for bacon and cheddar. However, the extra toppings didn’t add much taste.


Pork chop on a stick at Bloomsburg Fair 2015    Pork chop on a stick at Bloomsburg Fair 2015

Pork Chop on a Stick

Next on the list: pork chop on a stick!

 Lunger’s Pork Pit sells them regular style or with Cajun seasoning.

The meat was tender and bigger than my palm. I ordered Cajun, and the amount of spice was just right.

I groaned at the $6 price. Four dollars could have bought me a pound of pork chops!

Bissinger peach dumpling with cinnamon ice cream at Bloomsburg Fair 2015

Peach Dumpling with Ice Cream

I was still gnawing on the pork chop when I got on the long line at Bissinger’s Apple Dumplings.

Buying a Bissinger’s peach dumpling with cinnamon ice cream is part of my Fair ritual. If they run out, then I’d get an apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream.

Bissinger peach dumpling with cinnamon ice cream at Bloomsburg Fair 2015  Gary eats peach dumpling with cinnamon ice cream at Bloomsburg Fair 2015  Gary eats peach dumpling with cinnamon ice cream Bloomsburg Fair 2015

They had what I wanted. It cost $5, and I savored every cent of it. Now, don’t you argue with me about who sells the best dumplings at the Fair!


My friend Jake enjoys halusky, a cabbage, onion and pasta dish. It goes by different names in Central and Eastern European countries.

I ran into a co-worker who’s a fair shareholder. Shawn suggested that I stop at Frank’s Famous Foods.

Gary and Halusky at Bloomsburg Fair 2015  Halusky at Bloomsburg Fair 2015

It was around 8 p.m., and the fair was closing soon for the year. So Frank’s charged only $2 for a  $3.50 halusky.

They really loaded up my bowl. It was tasty, but too much pasta and not enough vegetables!

40 Percent Completed

My stomach was full, and I couldn’t eat anymore. I began dozing off on a bench inside the Farm Museum. Time to head home!

I completed only 40 percent of the food list. It cost me $29. That’s $21 for food and $8 for the fairgrounds entry fee.

On a previous night, I ate two other items from the list (Mongolian steak skewers and hot sausage). If we count them, then I’d have completed 60 percent.


Here are the food and the friends who recommended them.

  • Saucy Piggy sandwich (Pete)
  • Pork chop on a stick (Pete)
  • Apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream (Pete)
  • Halusky (Jake)
  • Hot sausage sandwich (Curtis)
  • Mongolian beef skewers (Dan)
  • Pierogies (Leon)
  • Potato Pancakes (Jake)
  • Sticky bun (Pete)
  • Whoopie pies (Jake)

Fireworks at Bloomsburg Fair 2015

The Fair held a fireworks show. I’d like to think they were honoring my effort. You can watch a short video that I filmed of Wednesday night’s show.


  1. The first human to put a stick through a pork chop should be awarded a Nobel. Interesting column, Gary.

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