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Interactive D3.js Map: Japan

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Soldier salvaged souvenir from Hiroshima ruins

After fighting in World War II, George Botel is stationed in Japan and receives a rare gift from a local family. Botel also visits Hiroshima …

BERWICK — George Botel found a dish in the ruins of Hiroshima a few months after the city was destroyed by an atomic bomb.

“I picked it up and was surprised to find something in one piece,” said Botel.

The dish now sits in his house here, a souvenir from the attack that led to the end of World War II and probably saved his life.

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GI’s Gift: Pearl Harbor Photos

Berwick man befriended family in occupied Japan

BERWICK — When George Botel gave two packs of stale cigarettes to a family in Japan after the end of World War II, the father thanked him with a valuable and unusual gift.

His son gave Botel photographs taken by Japanese pilots during the attack on Pearl Harbor, which the Japanese called “The Great Air Raid on Hawaii.”

“You present to Papa, Papa present to you,” the boy said to Botel, now 80 and living in Berwick.

One week later, the father, who never met Botel, even sent him his stamp collection.

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