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Can Kimchi Pork Make You Rich?

My friend James Slusser once said his German-American family would eat pork sauerkraut on New Year’s Day. They believed this tradition brings wealth to the household. One night I had leftover kimchi — known as Korean sauerkraut — so I decided to make kimchi pork at 1 a.m. Maybe my stock portfolio will triple in value!

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James Slusser, I never said thanks

In a previous post about brining chicken with oranges, I mentioned a friend who’s now dead. James Slusser helped me when I needed help — and I never thanked him.

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Brining chicken with oranges

Brining chicken with oranges is an easy way to enhance the meat’s flavor.

With a $1 fruit and a pan of salted ice water, you can make your chicken taste like a million dollars. The ice and salt help drain foul-tasting blood from the flesh.

Refrigerate the chicken in the cold water overnight, and it’ll be ready.

This is a German tradition that I learned from a late friend. James H. Slusser promised my chicken dishes — whether Indian or Italian — would taste better. And he was right!

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