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Reader Makes Chinese Tea Eggs

My cousin from Hong Kong saw my post on Chinese tea eggs. It inspired her to make her own batch. Some of her ingredients surprised me. Here Oic Yan shares photographs of her handiwork.

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Chinese tea eggs

Chinese tea eggs are popular street snacks with a savory taste. These hard-boiled eggs are steeped in tea, spices and soy sauce for hours.

Before you steep the eggs, you have to crack their shells. Tap them lightly with a spoon. This gets the flavor in. It makes pretty marble patterns on the eggs, too!

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Carbonara alla Fettuccine

Carbonara is among my favorite Italian dishes. This creamy pasta dish combines the great tastes of bacon and cheese.

The cooking method is fast and easy. You pour a blend of eggs, cream and cheese onto the pasta. Then, you pour hot bacon and grease. The hot grease cooks the cream mix instantaneously.

Carbonara is heavy on flavor but light on your budget. For $21, you can make enough food for six people.

I learned how to cook carbonara with this recipe. Let’s get started.

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