The dill pickle pizza has gone viral online.

And now at least one local pizzeria is offering what seems an unnatural concoction.

At the Original Franco’s Pizzeria in Berwick, PA, even skeptics come around after trying a slice or two, according to owner Holly Burda and her son, Ronnie.

The East Ninth Street restaurant has been serving pickle pizzas since mid-October, when it unveiled the creation at Riverfest. It sold out quickly there.

After Riverfest, people kept asking Franco’s for more. Holly Burda recalled a refrain from her customers: “I want a pickle pizza, I want a pickle pizza.”

Even when people ordered French fries or a burger, they requested pickle pizza too, she added.

One day, Ronnie was on vacation when he got a text message from his mother. She had received 10 separate orders for pickle pizza pies all at once.

Dill pickle pizza: a national trend

The inspiration for the surprise hit was a Facebook post, said Ronnie Burda. A friend had tagged him in an online post about a dill pickle pizza created by Rhino’s Pizzeria in Rochester, New York.

At that pizzeria, employee Kathy Szuba and her 23-year-old daughter created the pizza after the daughter attended a pickle festival, accord- ing to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. The pie had a base of garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese, and within a week it also had more than 26,000 people talking about it on Facebook, the newspaper reported. The post was shared more than 40,000 times.

One of the people it was shared with was Ronnie Burda.

The pizza maker was intrigued. “I could make this,” he thought.

He baked his own take on the pickle phenomenon. He used a garlic dill sauce, mozzarella and pickle slices, topped with a sprinkling of dill.