Beer tea is creating a buzz among drinkers. One gourmet retailer sells tea bags as taste enhancers for your suds. Carol got some for me as Christmas gifts. Will it fizzle out? Or will it live up to the hype?

Beer Tea

From left: Monk’s Blend, Genmaicha and Earl Grey

Beer Tea Time

 Carol found the “Tea Lager” bags at Capital Teas, a retailer based in Annapolis, Md.

Capital Teas touts their supposed benefits: “Your beer will be sweeter, creamier, loaded with antioxidants, less filling and will have a touch of caffeine.”

The Tea Lagers run the gamut from Earl Grey to Mexican Mango Chili Mate. The retailer suggests a specific beer for each tea.

Eventually, Carol bought three Tea Lagers: Earl Grey, Genmaicha and Monk’s Blend. She also purchased three types of pale lagers as recommended by Capital Teas.

For $5, you get six tea sachets in a foil.

Pouring Beer into Glass

Pouring myself a mug of beer tea

Earl Grey and Stella Artois

First, I tried Earl Grey with Stella Artois.

Earl Grey is a blend of Ceylon black tea and bergamot essential oil.

It gives off a strong citrus scent. The tea satchel smelled so good, I held  it to my nose and sniffed several times.

According to the instructions, you should leave the satchel in a tall glass for 5-10 minutes. To get the full taste, I opted for the maximum time.

The result was a pleasant surprise. The Earl Grey added flavor and fragrance to the pilsner. I’d drink this again.

beer tea 05 c

Steeping a cold glass of Earl Grey and Stella Artois

Genmaicha and Corona

Next, I combined Genmaicha with Corona. The concoction has a “slightly toasty and nutty flavor,” according to Capital Teas.

Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. Corona is bland and tasteless; I’d never order it at a bar.

Unfortunately, the subtle flavor of Genmaicha got lost in the beer. Worse, the Genmaicha-Corona left a bitter aftertaste.

I like Genmaicha, just not with Corona.

Foamy beer tea

Look at all that foam!

Monk’s Blend and Bud Light

Finally, I mixed Monk’s Blend with Bud Light.

The Ceylon black tea is “blended with light fruity grenadine,” says the product description.  Indeed, the tea has a fruity fragrance.

Like Corona, Bud Light has no taste. Monk’s Blend added a nice sweet flavor to the suds.

Next time, I’d like to make a glass of Monk’s Blend with a better beer. Just to see if it’ll taste even better. Maybe a Czechvar or Pilsner Urquell?

Beer Tea

A beer tea chart, courtesy of Capital Teas

My Take on Beer Tea

I was skeptical at first. After all, tea is tea, and beer is beer.

Beer tea beat my expectations. Two of the three combos tasted pretty good. The beer was foamier than normal.

Here are other pairings from Capital Teas:

  • Miller Light and Royal Wedding Tea
  • Heineken and Provence Rooibos Organic
  • Blue Moon and Cream Earl Grey Black
  • Hard Apple Cider and Harbor Breeze
  • Red Stripe and Invigorating Mint Mate
  • Dos Equis and Mexican Mango Chili Mate

Beer Tea Live

Here’s a short video of me pouring some beer tea after a snowstorm!