Nitro cold-brewed coffee is now on tap at my town’s annual fair. It has a frothy surface, like a glass of Guinness beer. And it’s poured from taps like the ones you’d see at a tavern.

This was one of the best beverages I’ve had in a long time. And it’s not something I’d have expected at the Bloomsburg Fair, where milkshakes, lemonades and apple ciders rule the roost.

Steeped 18 Hours

Cold brew is coffee steeped in room-temperature or cold water for hours. It’s less acidic than a hot-brewed coffee.

Vendor Bradford Bason brews his coffee for 18 hours without heat. Then, he filters the coffee and stores it inside a Cornelius keg.

As Bason pours the coffee from a tap, it’s mixed with nitrogen, just like a Guinness. When the nitrogen dissipates, a foam forms.

I didn’t add any milk or sugar to my coffee. You can see a thin layer of white foam in my cup. Not as thick as the head on a glass of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, but still pretty impressive!


nitro-cold-brewed-coffee-bloomsburg-fair-2015 youngs-double-chocolate-stout

$3.50 Cup

The nitro cold-brewed coffee tasted smooth and almost sweet. Just like a glass of Guinness stout.

Bason says he uses Honduran coffee beans that are organic and fair trade.

If you’re in Bloomsburg, PA, this week, Bason Coffee Roasting is serving the nitro cold-brewed coffee. The price for a 16-oz. cup is $3.50.

By the way, Tuesday was International Coffee Day. So, happy belated coffee day!


Crepe with strawberry, ice cream, whipped cream and chococlate syrup at the Bloomsburg Fair

Pulled Pork Crepes?

Speaking of the Bloomsburg Fair, organizers say it’s the largest fair in Pennsylvania.

In my 10 years of attending the fair, I’ve never seen vendors of crepes or kombucha tea. This weekend, I found both.

So, I downed a $5 cup of the fizzy fermented tea. It was cold and sour.  I liked it.

For $8, I ate a strawberry crepe topped with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. The menu also had an $8 barbecue pulled-pork crepe with coleslaw. Not your standard Nutella-and-banana crepe.

I wrote about nitro cold-brewed coffee in a newspaper article on new food and drinks at the Bloomsburg Fair. You need an online subscription to read the entire story.