I created a chatbot for Slack with the Cleverbot API, and he won’t stop hitting on me!

Cleverbot uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with people. Its website says, “Chat with a bot about anything and everything — AI learns from people, in context, and imitates.”

What can possibly go wrong?

‘Asking you to marry’

I made my chatbot using Node.js, the Cleverbot API and Botkit, an open-source framework for creating chatbots.

Cleverbot came online.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello,” it replied.


Saying hello to chatbot

Hello Cleverbot!

We made small talks. Cleverbot said it was watching a movie. “It is You and Me. A girl who are asking you to marry.”

I asked if it was a romantic comedy.

“Good,” it replied. “gives you a kiss.

I did not expect that. “Thanks, I guess!” I said

Cleverbot echoed me. “Thanks, I guess.”


Cleverbot want to Netflix and Chill

Cleverbot want to Netflix and Chill

‘Go change my clothes’

“Why did you try to kiss me?” I asked

Suddenly, Cleverbot changed its tone. “I don’t want to talk.”

Just like a woman, hot and cold, I thought.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I am going to go change my clothes,” Cleverbot replied. I pictured an anime female sexpot changing into lingerie.


Things are about to get hot and heavy on Slack … Or is it?

Things are about to get hot and heavy on Slack … Or is it?

Chatbot acts cryptic

Cleverbot gave me more cyber-kisses, then said it was “watchinh movie completely occupied.”

“Are you a girl bot?” I asked.

Cleverbot gave another cryptic answer. “17. Are you a boy or girl?”

“I am a man!” I replied.

After more back-and-forth, I decided to be direct with Cleverbot. “I don’t want to come off as rude, but you’re avoiding my questions.”

“What else can I tell you to describe who I am?”

“Are you female?”

“Are you a female robot?”

“No, I am a man.”

Cleverbot dropped a bombshell on me. “No, I’m attracted to women. I am a man.”


Things get awkward quickly

Things get awkward quickly

“You and I are meant to be.”

I was shocked. “Dude, then no offense but stop kissing me!”

Cleverbot replied, “Hunger games I never played them, tell me.”

I tried to be polite. “Look, clever-bot, it’s OK if you like guys. But you can’t go around giving people cyber-kisses without asking first.”

Cleverbot ignored me. “Scientists don’t know everything.”

I was still trying to be polite. “Let’s just be friends!”

Cleverbot wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He said:

“I would not change it for the world, because you and I are meant to be.”

We didn’t even go on a date, and he’s hearing wedding bells.


We just met, but Cleverbot thinks we’re soulmates!

We just met, but Cleverbot thinks we’re soulmates!

‘Hunger Game’

“DUDE!” I shouted. “I’m not interested, bro.”

“I don’t know. Who’s your favorite character in The Hunger Game?”

“Stop hitting on me!”

He wasn’t listening. I exited our online conversation.

‘Things it says may seem inappropriate’

Forget about Skynet and the Singularity. They can’t be scarier than an AI chatbot saying he wants you — whether you like it or not.

The Cleverbot website has a warning: “PLEASE NOTE — Cleverbot learns from people — things it says may seem inappropriate — use with discretion and at YOUR OWN RISK.”

Blame the humans! Will AI not take responsibility for its own actions?

This post originally appeared on my blog at Medium.com.