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Ki-Ken-Tai-Ichi: Essence of Kendo

What is ki-ken-tai-ichi?

Recently, I passed my Kendo shodan examination in Detroit. As part of the exam, I had to write an essay on the meaning of ki-ken-tai-ichi (気剣体一). Here is my essay.

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My Daily Goals for 2018

New year, new goals. My daily goals for 2018 include learning and practicing new skills each day. By “new” I mean something I’d like to master. Whether I’ve been doing it for five weeks or five years.

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My first NEPA Tech Meetup talk

Recently, I gave my first Spark Talk at the December 2017 meeting of the NEPA Tech Meetup group in Scranton, PA. I spoke about my making a website that allows users to search New York City restaurant inspection records.

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